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Welcome to foryourheartonly!

The home for erotica written by yours truly :)

I have been writing erotica for a few years now. My works tend to be shorter pieces ranging a variety of kinks and characters of many sexualities.

My longest work is an anthology of stories I wrote over an 18-month span. It is titled Entangled and I'm quite proud of it!

I also write shorter pieces you can find under Shorts and you can even find some Sexting Tips!

If you enjoy my work and would like to support me, you can find out how on my Support page.

Feel free to send comments and suggestions through email (link on the right)!

Stay Fiesty ;)


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27/08/2022: New Short! Invisible Restraints

24/08/2022: New Short! The Polaroid

24/08/2022: New Sexting Tip! Intimacy Through Email

22/08/2022: New Short! Forever Inked

13/06/2022: New Short! Work From Home Pt.3

10/06/2022: New Short! Silk, Stories, and Submission

04/06/2022: New Short! The Boy Next Door

05/05/2022: New Short! Work From Home Pt.2

20/04/2022: New Short! The Peach

20/04/2022: Added an updates section

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